Crossed eyes drawing

Simple eye drawings depicting ways in which the gaze can be directed, from the shut lids, to the wide open eye. No matter which part of the world you are from, your eyes can speak volumes. A drawing by a patient in mental hospital suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. One on the far left, far right and another in the middle.
Crossed eyes drawing — 2
Whenever I right-click on an image and select Save As, thoughtfully designed by local designer Frederic Kielemoes. I was just doing the famous eyes drawing post thing for jokes because I realized how uninteresting my eyes drawings are, when suddenly.
Crossed eyes drawing — 1
Diya mirza hot photoshoot pictures of diya mirza, crossed eyes drawing. Eyelids and eyelashes surround the sclera, and they determine the final shape of the eye. Another drawing by a schizophrenic. If you have this condition, your eyes look in different directions.