Mondrian neo plasticism painting

An influential non-representational painter, Piet Mondrians art evolved over his lifetime into his own unique style, which he coined neo-plasticism. Only used the primary colours or non colour, black, white and grey and only used straight lines, square and rectangles to create asymmetrical compositions. Mondrian advocated for the use of austere geometry and color to create asymmetrical but balanced compositions that conveyed the harmony underlying reality.

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Mondrian neo plasticism painting
Piet Mondrian developed 'Neo-plasticism' - an abstract form of painting. Zeus, zeus pictures, greek god zeus, god of the goods. Twentieth century art is seen by many as a series of movements evolving from either an opposition to or an extension of concepts of previous movements.
A Piet Mondrian inspired art piece consisting of a painted canvas covered sheet metal background with painted wood lines and shapes that can be placed. Confusion in the apparent unity of interior and exterior has Because sculpture and painting have been able to reduce their primitive plastic equivalent duality forming absolute unity. In the case of De Stijl and Neo-Plasticism, the theoretical end of this life span came with the death of one of its founders, Theo Van Doesburg. Translated from the Dutch by Hans.
He was influenced by Cubism to the point of taking art studies in Paris at the late age of about forty. Experiments using Microsoft Paint replaced the usual reference drawings. Cute Babies Pictures with Love Quotes Wallpapers with Pink. His new and rigorous geometric style was a counter-statement to the emotional chaos and uncertainty of the first decades of the twentieth century.